• Sully

    My Head and My Heart are in the Same Place

    People here call me Sully. In the first five minutes at the Boston Rescue Mission, I jumped in and met the other guys in the house while unloading the food van. Then I met the case workers, who are awesome too. Some of the nicest people I've met are here. Never before had I felt like people are rooting for me. And I've been through a few recovery programs. Starting in high school and for the next thirty years, my life was a crazy cycle. Stealing cars, dealing cocaine, getting arrested, violating parole, always poor choices. It seemed like I was always either in jail, in detox, or on the street using drugs. There were some clean periods, but I never really immersed myself in a recovery program until I got to the Mission.

    I'm watching guys in this program turn themselves around, what are they doing that works? They all said the same thing, are you asking for help? Are you doing the program work? I keep trying to make the next right choice, and it really makes life easier. Now I feel like my head and my heart are in the same place. I'm forgiving myself and earning back trust from my family. I thank you for all of this. To help a place like this help a guy like me is a beautiful thing.

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