• Shawn

    The Mission Saved My Life

    Hi, I’m Shawn. There’s a big spot in my heart for the Boston Rescue Mission. I’m grateful for the staff and residents in the house because they keep me sober. Now I control my life and alcohol doesn’t.

    But it sure used to. I think it started with my family. My Dad sold drugs, my uncle was an alcoholic, and my parents liked to party a lot. My mom started drinking and left when I was thirteen. She broke my trust, and a lot of anger brewed for many years as a result. My own troubles trusting other women followed.

    I think that’s part of the reason I started drinking so much in college, but it wasn’t until I began working that my drinking really kicked up. I lived with my brother while I worked in the restaurant business, and I really loved it at first. I worked hard every day, took home lots of cash, and partied hard every night. Eventually I slowed down to only partying on the weekends, which only made the weekends more intense! Every weekend I did something stupid--fighting or embarrassing myself—to the point where I would avoid the scene of the event for weeks afterward. My brother enabled my lifestyle, and the drinking got really crazy. Then he choked to death after complications from alcohol and drug abuse. Soon after that my dad died of brain cancer and I started drinking about every minute of every day.

    Things changed when I got evicted. I'm not the type that chooses to be homeless easily. Sleeping on the street scares me to death. I got myself into detox and came to the Boston Rescue Mission. When I met the residents, I started to appreciate what the sober life looks like.

    Doing house chores makes me humble and gives me gratitude for the opportunities available here. I love spending time in the kitchen. When I see families and kids coming in to volunteer, that's awesome. One woman came in on her birthday, just wanting to feed homeless people. She's just giving back and caring for her neighbors.

    Now I control my life and alcohol doesn't. I'll stay at the Mission as long as I need to and work really hard on myself while I can. The Mission has saved my life for now. Hopefully it will save my life for a long time.

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