• Sean

    Looking at Myself Honestly

    Hey, it's Sean here. Since I've been at the Mission, there are lots of things I do better now. I open up with people, I listen better, and I can look at myself honestly. Not like the immature punk I used to be.

    Chaos ruled my life when I was young. My father left when I was about 4, and my mom worked overnights, so we never talked. At school I was always in trouble. I sat on the bench being punished for weeks. In 8th grade I was expelled, and when 9th grade came, I never went back home. High school was a bust. I was stealing cars and smoking pot, even after going to jail. Working construction brought more access to drugs, and I got hooked on heroin and gave it power over me. I did some dealing and some jail time for about seven years. Then after a few years of heavy drinking, I heard about the Boston Rescue Mission, and practically begged to get in.

    Being around others in this house helps me to learn much more about me. No other place helps me connect to God like the Mission. I feel like I'm living in the house of God, who is always with me.

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