• Rachel

    I Feel More Honest...I Can Succeed

    Hi I'm Rachel. It's amazing to think that prison saved my life, but it's true. After being paroled to the Boston Rescue Mission, I've been clean. I'm resolute, I'm not going to get high even once. And I'm feeling more honest about my life. Not like before.

    I grew up with an alcoholic dad, which might explain a tendency toward drinking in high school. But then it kept going. At a club where I worked, I started partying all the time with cocaine, ecstasy, percosets, oxycontin, heroin, and a whole lot of booze. My longtime boyfriend tried to help, but I pushed him away. And my dad, now a sober and recovering alcoholic, tried to help. I'm sure I've really hurt him, nobody wants that life for their daughter!

    Finally I took desperate measures to fuel my addictions, and landed in jail. I heard about the Boston Rescue Mission and came as fast as I could. The staff here wants to see me make good choices. The community in the house supports honesty, and it makes me want to rebuild my relationship with my father. Nobody forces me to do anything, but with some effort, I can really succeed.

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