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    Outpatient Counseling Center Kingston House
    The Mission's Outpatient Counseling Center seeks to provide quality outpatient care to individuals struggling with substance abuse and substance dependence. Women and men have access to a professional, caring staff and will receive treatment in a safe, sober, and therapeutic environment. The center will provide clinical and support services to individuals to help address the wide variety of issues arising from substance abuse and substance dependence, including:

    • Individual and family counseling
    • Case management to address vocational, financial, medical, mental health, educational, rehabilitative, and housing needs
    • Referral to other services dependent on level of care needed (i.e. inpatient treatment, vocational training)
    • Patient education related to sobriety, medical and mental health
    • Patient education related to transmission of infectious diseases (i.e. TB, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, STDs)
    • Patient education related to smoking cessation
    • Aftercare and transition planning

  • Programs & Services