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    Your Needs Planned Giving Options Possible Benefits
    A quick and easy gift Write a check or give online An income tax deduction for you and immediate impact for the Mission
    Avoid tax on capital gains Donate appreciated stock or other securities A charitable deduction plus no capital gains tax
    Give after your lifetime Remember us in your will through a bequest Avoid federal estate tax on bequests.
    Receive guaranteed fixed income that is partially tax-free Create a charitable gift annuity Save on income taxes and receive fixed, stable payments
    Avoid capital gains tax on the sale of a home or other real estate Donate real estate to BRM or created a retained life estate Reduce income tax and reduce or eliminate capital gains taxes
    Avoid twofold taxation on IRA or employee benefit plans Name us as the beneficiary of the remainder of the retirement assets after your lifetime Leave your family other assets that minimize tax liability
    Make a large gift with little cost Donate a life insurance policy Income tax deductions
    Secure fixed payments for life and avoid market risks Create a charitable remainder annuity trust Receive tax benefits and boost your rate of return
    Give income from an asset for a period of years but retain the asset for yourself or your heirs Create a charitable lead trust Return asset to donor or heirs, save on federal estate tax, deduct income tax for income donated
    Secure, fixed payments for life with a hedge against inflation Create a charitable remainder unitrust Variable payments for life as well as tax benefits
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