• Mike

    I've Been Given a Sense of Responsibility

    Hi, it’s Mike. The Mission has given me a sense of responsibility and accomplishment. I’m starting to feel good about myself by helping others. The staff at the Mission really care and are very people oriented. I’m working on myself, but people always ask how I am doing.

    My father was a captain in the state police, but I always had problems with authority. I started partying when I was really young. I began with drinking and marijuana in my early teens. My drinking mixed with my temper and quickly got out of control. I started counseling for my anger at 18 and entered a detox. I was so young that I still didn’t care. I didn’t want to change. I didn’t think it affected me.

    After I met my first wife I started taking different drugs, but drinking was the mainstay, eventually I had to drink all the time. My wife put up with my drinking for awhile, but we eventually divorced which led me to detox.

    Now that I’m at the Mission I’m able to get up and go on with life without having to use. Now I can participate in life without having to fake it. I used to have to drink before a stressful situation to calm my nerves, but now I can get up in the morning and face the day.

    When I first got sober my ex wouldn’t let me see my son. I had to regain her trust and prove to her that I was serious about my recovery. Now I am still working on rebuilding those relationships. My daughter is proud of me today, and I talk to my son on the phone almost every day of the week.

    Now that I’m working towards my recovery I am grateful for the chance to be here. I know I need to prove myself, but I feel good and am getting healthy. A lot of work goes into this place helping others who are less fortunate. Thank you for your generosity in support of the Mission.
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