• Nutirition and Meal Programs

    Homelessness affects people from all walks of life, not just those with substance abuse problems, mental illness, and other common contributors. Many people, especially in this economy, just do not have the means to pay both their monthly bills and feed their families. They may fall behind on their rent and other bills, and eventually risk losing their home. Our community meals and food pantry programs help to feed families and ease financial strains so that more resources may go toward paying rent and maintaining a stable living situation

    In House Meal Program

    The Boston Rescue mission Serves around 150,000 Meals a year. Including three complete and nutritious meals a day to all of our resident clients and two complete and nutritious meals a day to our Safe and Healthy overnight shelter clients.

    At 3pm during the week and 5pm on Sundays the Boston Rescue Mission opens its doors to the community welcoming anyone who needs a hot meal to come to the Mission and eat. These meals are always hot, well-balanced, and nutritious. The community meals are especially important to the Mission because they provide comfort and security to the people who need it most.

    Saturday Morning Outreach
    On Saturday mornings the Boston Rescue Mission sends out a group typically consisting of staff, volunteers, and local church groups to the Boston Common to provide meals to Boston’s homeless. No matter what the weather is like outside the team brings food, coffee, water, and fellowship to the hungry. The goal of Saturday Morning Outreach is to establish relationships with the less fortunate of Boston who are living on the streets.

    Morning Volunteers

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