• Marisa

    Loving Myself into Wellness

    My name is Marisa. Here at the Boston Rescue Mission I feel uplifted and safe. I’m strengthening my faith and working to renew myself each day. The Mission allows me to take time to think clearly, work my program, and love myself into wellness. It’s definitely a great investment in myself—one I really needed.

    My dad was an alcoholic and left when I was little. But it wasn’t until I married and had kids that my own addictive personality showed itself. First my husband took on a cocaine addiction and started bringing strange people by the house. Bottles and drug paraphernalia freaked me out. After one horrible experiment of my own, I wanted more, and my own addiction took off. I lost my apartment, spent more money on coke, and withdrew from friends and family relationships. I still remember my kids telling me “You can’t do this to us!”

    At the Mission, I fell in love with God. It’s a little overwhelming, but also full of love. 4 generations of my family were baptized here. The community is extraordinary and the days strike a healthy balance between faith and service work. Learning self-sufficiency is a big key for me, especially in response to an unhealthy living situation. The Mission gives me the time and the opportunity to do that. I’ll never forget the folks in this place.

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