• Jenelle

    Sharing a Message of Hope

    Hi, I’m Jenelle. After I committed to recovery from substance abuse, a mentor of mine recommended the Boston Rescue Mission and knew I’d be a perfect fit. I feel safe in the community here, and can work on recovery without the stress of paying rent. My confidence and self-esteem has grown, and a renewed relationship with a higher power is filling a void inside me. I want to share the message of hope to others, especially after what I’ve been through.

    After my second child, postpartum depression hit me hard. I left the hospital with pain pills, which I refilled a few times, then started forging prescriptions to fuel my new habit. Even then, I was crying all the time and felt guilty about having sadness. I tested a methadone program, but methadone withdrawal just led me to a second addiction. After some trouble with the police, I went to jail, paroled, and got into more trouble. My pill addiction devoured my house fund and my retirement savings, so I starting using family credit cards. After getting caught, I went before a very tough judge who sent me to jail for longer this time.

    Transformation began “inside”. After enrolling at the Mission, I became grounded in their intensive and structured residential program. In this community, if I fall into bad behaviors, people call me on them. In group meetings, I can cry like a baby if I need to. And I’ve celebrated 2 years of sobriety so far. That’s a message of hope I want to share to all who need help. Thank you!

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