• James

    A Blueprint for Transformation

    My name is James. Thanks to the Mission and its supporters, I’m back to work, back to school, and full of hope for my future. Now I’ve regained a healthy conscience, and raised my standards in my work life. It’s been a long time coming.

    When I was a child, our family was very poor. My brother would sell drugs to help support us. My younger brother and I bagged up the marijuana, and sometimes sold it ourselves. That led to gang life, and lots of drugs at school. At 17, I joined the army and stopped taking all drugs, but I drank like a fish. After getting out, I kept drinking and went back to drugs too. For years I traveled around the country from coast to coast. But when you’re using drugs and alcohol, the faces and locations change, but the story remains the same.

    After being picked up on a warrant for my arrest, I felt relieved. Whatever I was running from was coming to an end. In jail, I got a GED and wanted to be clean, but didn’t know how.

    The Boston Rescue Mission was what I needed. When I walked in, everyone was so nice. I didn’t trust anyone at first, but gradually realized that the caring was real. And different staff members played different roles during my stay—one was very easy to talk to, another was very orderly, and reinforced the structure I needed, a third was a more spiritual influence. All were very fair, and helped to guide me in the proper direction.

    Around a positive community and exceptional staff, I looked deep inside, and flushed out the shame and guilt within myself—factors that can lead to relapse. I started regaining my conscience. A healthy conscience, that helped me raise the standard for my work and for my recovery.

    Thanks to the Mission and its supporters, I’m back into work, back to school full time, and full of hope for my future. I am dedicating my life to helping others in recovery, and succeeding. To those people who supported me, thank you, and please keep giving. Helping just one person here can affect so many other people. Parents can reunite with their children, men and women can reconnect with their spouses, and families can be whole again.

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