• IRA or Retirement Assets

    Giving from an IRA or Retirement Fund can help reduce the income and estate taxes that are levied on these funds. When the Mission is named as the primary beneficiary, our programs receive funds free of taxes. You can also set up your giving so that the Mission is a contingent beneficiary and only receives funds if a primary beneficiary (such as a spouse) passes away. By designating a charity as a beneficiary of your IRA or Retirement Fund, it allows you to accumulate assets without paying income tax on contributions to the plan or appreciation in the plan until the assets are distributed.

    Because tax laws governing IRA and Retirement Funds are complex, your tax attorney or advisor is your best guide for more information about donating to the Mission through your retirement funds.

    Please contact John Samaan via email at jsamaan@brm.org or via phone at 617-338-9000 ext. 1216 to make a gift of IRA or retirement assets to the Mission.

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