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    Donate by Mail
    If you prefer to mail in a donation please make checks payable to "Boston Rescue Mission" and mail them to: Boston Rescue Mission, PO Box 120069, Boston MA 02112. For more information about donating by mail, please contact Eric Grenfell-Muir at (617) 338-9000 ext. 1209 or via email at egrenfell-muir@brm.org.

    Set up an automatic monthly donation
    You can now make automatic monthly contributions directly into the BRM account using a credit card or bank account. Click on either of the Donate Now! buttons on this page, and in the Gift Frequency field, select the Monthly, Quarterly, or Annually option. If you would like help doing this, please feel free to contact Eric Grenfell-Muir at 617-338-9000, ext. 1209 or via email at egrenfell-muir@brm.org for more information.

    By Credit Card
    Thank you for your support of the Boston Rescue Mission. To donate via secure credit card or checking account transaction, please visit our online donate page.

    Matching Gifts

    Does your company match charitable contributions by its employees? Many do.

    Employee matching gifts are grants set aside by an employer to match employees’ charitable contributions. Usually matching gifts are dollar for dollar, but sometimes a company will double or triple your gift! Other times, employers will match employee’s volunteer efforts. Procedures vary, but usually there’s a form to complete online or via a human resources department.

    Employee matching gift programs are a great blessing to employees, companies, and people in need alike. Ask your employer if they can match your gift to the Boston Rescue Mission. For more information, contact our gifts team at (617) 338-9000 ext. 1230. Thanks!

    Coin Boxes

    If you are interested in placing and monitoring a coin box for Boston Rescue Mission all we ask is that you check the status of the coin box on occasion and, when it is full, collect the coins and send a check made out to Boston Rescue Mission to the address below:

    Boston Rescue Mission
    Attn: Coin Box Program
    PO Box 120069
    Boston, MA 02112-0069

    Alternatively, if you need a Mission staff member to pick up the coins, please contact Curt Brettin at the number below, and we’ll arrange a pickup at your convenience.

    If you have any questions about hosting a coin box please contact Curt Brettin by phone at 617-338-9000 ext. 1228 or by email at cbrettin@brm.org.


    Your property donations can transform lives!

    Please donate that auto, boat, yacht, truck, RV, motorcycle or aircraft that's no longer needed to the Boston Rescue Mission. Your donation helps to prevent and end homelessness and transform lives at risk of homelessness, hunger, addiction and incarceration.

    Receive a "no obligation" evaluation of your potential vehicle or property donation and

    • Receive the maximum legal tax deductions and possibly a partial cash payment for your donation.
    • Pickup is free anywhere in the U.S.A. - family and friends can help too!

    For more information about car, boat, RV, and other property donations please call toll free: (866) 2-GIVING or (866) 244-8464 or visit the Action Donation Services web site.

    Stocks & Securities

    How to Donate Stocks to the Mission

    WIRE TRANSFER - After arranging the stock transfer with your financial advisor or broker please call our Gifts office at 617-338-9000, ext. 1209 and let us know about the transfer. When the transfer occurs we will send out a letter of confirmation including the amount credited. Please give your advisor or broker the following information regarding the Boston Rescue Mission.

    Stock Transfers to the Boston Rescue Mission are handled by:

    Merrill Lynch
    1 Pine Hill Drive
    Suite 500
    Quincy, MA 02169
    Phone: Toll Free (800) 759-3588, Local (617) 745-5506
    Contacts: Larry Schell, Lisa Cooney or Greg Simmons
    Boston Rescue Mission DTC#: 5198
    Boston Rescue Mission Merrill Lynch Account#: 820-02413

    CERTIFICATE TRANSFER- If you plan on transferring actual hard copy stock certificates please mail the unendorsed certificates to:
    Boston Rescue Mission
    Attn: Development Office
    PO Box 120069
    Boston, MA 02112

    Please include a cover letter detailing the transfer of the certificates. You must also include a Stock Power Form (available at your bank) for each type of stock you plan on transferring.

    For more information about transferring actual stock certificates, please contact John Samaan at 617-338-9000, ext. 1216, or by email at jsamaan@brm.org.

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