• Give for the Future - Building Your Legacy

    Building Your Legacy

    Your planned gift ensures a legacy of Transforming Lives to those struggling with homelessness and poverty. Your generosity ensures that the Boston Rescue Mission can continue to serve women and men at risk for years to come.

    Planned gifts can provide tax and financial benefits to you and your family today and in the future. You may wish to take time now to start thinking about building your legacy by reviewing our planning graph and exploring the options below.

    Bequests are gifts of assets in a will, often in the form of dollar amounts, properties or percentages of estates.

    Life Insurance Plans have value and may be gifted to others. One way to give is by naming the Boston Rescue Mission as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy. A second way is to name the charity as the life insurance policy owner.

    IRAs or Retirement Assets are great opportunities for growth and are invested tax-free.

    Charitable Remainder Trusts and Charitable Lead Trusts are also great ways to build a legacy at the Boston Rescue Mission. By taking the time to investigate and plan now, you can provide for both your family and the Mission.

    Donating property may be a excellent way to avoid capital gains and taxes.

    Our planning graph is here to help you identify your needs and the planned giving options that will best meet them. Take a look to begin Building Your Legacy at the Boston Rescue Mission!

    When making any decision about planned giving it is important to carefully consider your needs and the needs of your family. Be sure to discuss any decisions about planned gifts with your loved ones and your attorney.

    For help or information please feel free to contact John Samaan at jsamaan@brm.org or via phone at 617-338-9000 ext. 1216.

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