• Erin

    Free of the Chains that Bind

    My name is Erin. At 15, I began using drugs and alcohol. First it was experimental, but then heavy narcotics created a nasty addiction. At age 25 my addiction spiraled into disarray. I became more disconnected from family and friends, lost my job and abandoned any further educational aspirations. Eventually I ended up on the streets, tired and completely broken. For six years I made half-hearted attempts to get clean via church, personal struggle, and detox. After watching my best friend overdose, I called my mother and admitted defeat.

    Through the advice of friends and family, I was introduced to the Boston Rescue Mission. Having no prior connections elsewhere, I fought tooth and nail to complete a detox program and enroll at the Boston Rescue Mission.

    Once enrolled, I poured all of my time and energy into bettering myself both as an individual and as a person of faith. Lynn Samaan, the resident spiritual director, helped me to refocus and deepen my faith in Jesus Christ. Together, Lynn and the Mission have helped me to begin the sometimes bumpy, sometimes joyous journey toward recovery.

    After five months of sobriety, I can do things that I couldn't do before. I'm ready to go back to college and to tackle a job. I look forward to living a life free of the chains that bind. And I know that such a life would not be possible were it not for the Boston Rescue Mission.

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