• Damon

    All My Misery was Refunded

    Hello, I'm Damon. As a kid, I craved more of everything, and found ways to get it. I learned to steal, sell hot goods, rob parking meters, and bounce from one scheme to another. I smoked weed and then sold it. Next came acid, mushrooms and then cocaine, where I was off and running. I worked clean jobs and sold drugs on the side; first cocaine, then pills, but eventually got hooked on all of it. It got ugly real quick. Staggering gambling debts, insane doses of narcotics, robbing from people I loved; I was a mess.

    My family intervened, which steered me toward detox and recovery. It was a good start but I still struggled. I got complacent and overconfident, and picked up heroin. All my misery was refunded as I got laid off, wreaked havoc on my family, and dropped thousands of dollars on drugs. My life's trouble was in front of my face. Finally, I called out to God for help.

    Back to detox I went, but this time I fought to get into the Boston Rescue Mission. By God's grace, they accepted me, and I immediately started my 12 step work. I chased down a former sponsor who helped me out of the mess before. Now that recovery comes first, the real healing can begin. I came to God completely broken and now God is transforming me. Now I lead by action, and people here can see how my actions keep me straight.

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