• Bequests

    There are many different kinds of bequests. To figure out which is right for you, read the definitions below and speak to your attorney or tax advisor for more information.

    With General Bequests, also known as specific bequests, a specific amount of money, piece of property or percentage of your estate is given to the Mission at the time of your death.

    Residual Bequests allow for the remainder or balance of your estate to be donated to the Mission after your will or trust has made gifts to your loved ones.

    Contingent Bequests donate money to the Mission only if none of your heirs survives you.

    Bequests Following Income give a regular income from a trust to loved ones for a specific number of years after which a percentage of or the balance of the trust is donated to the Mission.

    Give it Twice Bequests are variations of Bequests of Following Income. Assets are put into a trust for heirs for a term of ten years. During this time, the trust distributes 10% of its value to each heir. If the trust earns 10% a year, then the children will receive the total value of the trust over the ten year period and the Mission will also receive the full value of the trust when the ten year period is over.

    To give a bequest to the Boston Rescue Mission, please contact John Samaan at jsamaan@brm.org or via phone at 617-338-900 ext. 1216.

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